Saturday, August 25, 2012

homesick but not homesick ... more like people sick.

One of my bestfriends got married yesterday and I wasn't there.

I'm having a hard time being here.

I am and I am not at the same time.  I am much less homesick than I used to be; which is wonderful.  And it's not everyday that I'd much rather move back to Portland.  I'm getting used to this.

But I'm having a hard time living life without the people I can't live without.  Like Ashley Waite.  And my lovely mentor, Mary Liggett.  How am I supposed to get mentored when I live 600 miles away?  And people like Becca-no-longer-Quint, Carissa Richards and seriously ... the list can go for days.

I also miss Portland summers; the most wonderful thing ever.  I miss wakeboarding on the most beautiful days with no agenda except to tear up the water, and get an amazing tan and chill with the best of friends.  I miss Portland Timbers matches like no other.  I miss the best job ever, being a camp leader at Camp Conestoga and getting paid almost nada.  And I miss BARISTA, some serious legit coffee; SF has nothin' on Barista.  

I guess I just miss home, but mostly the people.
And I'm thinking about moving back home, but who really knows what that means?

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